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Here is my directorial portfolio for ad campaigns. Contact me for video production inquiries.

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Introducing Our Rolling Fund at Science Inc.
Science Inc.

Introducing Our Rolling Fund at Science Inc.

The Rolling Fund focuses on private technology companies, including but not limited to Science portfolio companies and moving Science from early-stage deals to expand into Series B or subsequent stages. This is a model where you subscribe to our deal flow directly with a quarterly capital commitment. Science Inc. was founded by Mike Jones, Tom Dare, Peter Pham, and Greg Gilman in 2011. Our early-stage investment method, which combines gut instincts, real-time data analysis, a team of 15, and a strong network of 145 professionals around the world, has driven strong investor returns with landmark exits like Dollar Shave Club (acquired by Unilever), DogVacay (merged with Rover, announced IPO via SPAC), FameBit (acquired by Google), and more. This Rolling Fund is different from our Venture Fund. The Rolling Fund was established to fund our venture capital investments in consumer tech companies and to expand to include Series B investments and beyond. It also allows for greater accredited investor participation than our Venture Fund. Our Venture Fund is focused specifically on early stage companies and is typically accessible to institutional investors. This list is only partial and these investments are not representative of the entire portfolio. Most early-stage investments do not succeed. A complete list of past investments is available upon request. Join the Science community on our… Mailing List: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: #venture #ventures #venturecapital #investment #investments #investing #investor #investors #scienceinc #incubator #technology #fund #funds #founder #founders #portfolio #portfoliocompany #company #companies #seriesB #capital #earlystage #exit #exits #dollarshaveclub #dogvacay #famebit #liquiddeath
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