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Sarah Brand is a viral sociological filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. Sarah received her Master of Science (Msc) in Sociology from the University of Oxford in 2021, and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology from UC Berkeley, with Highest Honors, and a minor in History, in 2020. She directs, writes, and stars in music videos infused with sociological introspection spanning topics such as organized religion, romance, and inequality. Sarah’s three music videos have accumulated over 3 million views (plus another over 5 million views from review videos) and international news coverage from BBC to Newsweek. 

Sarah's mission is to create socially conscious media to promote compassion and introspection through different perspectives. She's best known for cultivating a certain style of filmmaking- what she likes to call 'holistic video production.' This means that the audience experiences the media's theme not just visually, but also in other dimensions, such as audibly. For example, her viral music video "Red Dress," is a holistic portrayal of judgment. The vocals being out of place mirror the character being out of place as she is met with exclusion from church insiders, judging her in the pews for being an outsider. Moreover, the out-of-place vocals incite the real-world audience to judge, just like the church insiders. Hence, the real-world audience is brought into the church pews of judgment, partaking in the theme, creating a holistic video experience.

Sarah has two feature screenplays, one being an extension of the "Red Dress" music video, and the other being an extension of the "On the Surface" music video. She also wrote a children's book about dealing with anxiety. Please contact Sarah if you produce feature films, publish children's books, or are interested in working on another media project such as music videos and/or commercials. Join Sarah's newsletter below to stay updated.

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