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Red Dress

BBC: "Divisive pop video 'did what it set out to do'"

BBC: "Viral pop song purposely sung out of tune"

Variety: "...newcomer Sarah Brand’s puzzling but delightful keeper."

The Telegraph: "'Torture,' 'Agony,' Or Prank? Meet the Oxford student behind the most excruciating song of 2021."

Newsweek: "Is Sarah Brand's Awkward 'Red Dress' Viral Music Video a Grand Social Experiment?"

Splice Today: "Sarah Brand, Genius"

iHeartRadio: "California Singer Sarah Brand Has A Style All Her Own"

Decider: "Sarah Brand's Viral Video for 'Red Dress' Makes Rebecca Black Look Like Mariah Carey... But Maybe That's On Purpose?"

KissFM (RADIO): "Sarah Brand In An Exclusive First Interview About Her Viral Song 'Red Dress'! Is It An Experiment?"

Newser: "This Viral Song Is So Bad It Might Be Genius"

Dazed: "Is the viral 'Red Dress' music video all just an elaborate meme?"

AV Club: "Behold: The Successor to Rebecca Black has Arrived With A Song About A Red Dress"

Open Culture: "Is the Viral 'Red Dress' Music Video a Sociological Experiment? Performance Art? Or Something Else?"

2 Oceans Vibe News: "Everything We Know About the 'Divisive' 'Red Dress' Song Taking The Internet By Storm"

The South African: "Have You Seen Sarah Brand's bizarre 'Red Dress' video? It's an enigma [watch]"

Eminetra: "Have you seen a video of Sarah Brand's weird 'red dress'? It's a mystery [watch]"

Free Thought Blog: "'Red Dress' is incredible, people are toxic"

penguinz0 (YouTube 9.4M subscribers): "Is This The Worst Song on YouTube"

fantano (YouTube 1.42M subscribers): "Is This Song Bad on Purpose"

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American Gap Rap

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On the Surface

BBC Oxford (RADIO): 14 October 2022

The Vanity Prodcast: Episode 21: The Meaning of a Red Dress

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